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Профессиональный медицинский перевод

Mistral Translation Company has a long history of translating various documents for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions and individuals. To make medical translations absolutely accurate we hire native-speaking translators that possess relevant medical education as well as a proven experience in translating medical documentation of at least 3 years.
Medical documents often use specialized terminology and newly developed concepts that may not even exist in the target language. That’s why we take action to achieve complete accuracy. Our linguists identify any ambiguous words and expressions in the course of the documents’ translation. The account manager will clarify these with your specialists as the translation is being done. Such an approach is to help improve the quality of translated medical documents.

We translate the following medical and pharmaceutical industry related materials and documents:
• agreement and contracts
• clinical protocols
• clinical trials
• data sheets
• dossiers
• drug registration documentation
• informed consent forms
• instructions for use
• investigator brochures
• manufacturing process descriptions
• marketing collateral
• Multimedia audio and visual
• NDA and IND
• package inserts and labels
• patient information
• patient recruitment materials
• pharmacological studies
• product labels
• production manuals
• protocols
• questionnaires
• pharmacovigilance reports
• presentations
• regulatory documents
• research materials
• scientific articles
• toxicology reports
• training materials
• user manuals for medical devices
• user guides for medical software
• Web sites (pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers)
and much more

The quality of our services is confirmed by testimonials of our customers from pharmaceutical
industry (see Testimonial section)

Take advantage of our quality focus, and our extensive experience. Contact us at:
mistral@mistral-center.ru or call +7 (499) 965-8183