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Профессиональный нотариальный перевод

A wide variety of law firms, financial institutions, and leading Russian and global companies have been entrusting Mistral Translation Company with their legal documents for translation since 1997. We have an excellent reputation where legal translations are concerned. All our legal translators have in-depth knowledge of legal terminology and are familiar with legal jargon. With over 30% of our orders coming from the legal departments of our customers and legal companies, we know it’s all about the legal translation.

Partial list of documents we deal with:
• agency agreements
• arbitration clauses
• business forms
• certificates and affidavits
• corporate documentation
• distribution agreements
• expert opinions
• foreign statutes
• incorporation documents
• insurance policies
• license agreements
• licenses and permits
• partnership agreements
• patents and patent applications
• power of attorney
• personal documents
• real estate documents
• trademarks and copyrights

All our personnel and freelance translators have signed confidentiality agreements, and are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements of your own if necessary.

We offer certified and notarized legal translation services. We are able to issue stamped letters of authenticity. However, in certain situations a notary has to be involved. It is important to check the level of authentication required so that we can provide the appropriate legal translation service. Contact us for more information at: mistral@mistral-center.ru or call +7 (499) 965-8183.